Colter & Drouillard

•My 1st point regarding Colter and Drouillard is they were most likely loners with no wives or immediate people such as children. If they had spouses and kids would have they will been able to do their jobs as properly because of disruptions such as considering them frequently. Would they have taken raise the risk they did if they did include families? •Two, their personal characteristics, they were rough looking wore creature hides, acquired huge beards, and quite simply had a large number of characteristics since the Residents which likely helped these to blend in far away. Also staying outside day-to-day with the sun on your confront will make your skin very color especially in the winter with the sunlight reflecting off the snow. • Third the skill sets that they had as mountain men. We were holding trappers themselves and good marksmanship. It absolutely was like these people were in their factor. What if the guides were city guys? Or a strategy that we refer to as a tenderfoot. Would have the expedition proceeded to go as it do or may have there recently been more difficulties than what presently there already were. I don't believe it could have gone while smoothly and even more men may have been shed. Joseph C. Porter

•First, with Maximilian being a Royal prince did that reality skew any findings around the expedition? I mean with him being Vips and all could people take care of him in another way such as when ever in challenge would different try to shield him a lot more than themselves? •2nd I believe the fact that we (white men) released alcohol to the Natives altered their common sense and moved their focal points once they discovered the effects of alcoholism. •3rd The Natives allowed fur trading post to spring up as a result of what the white man had, rifles and also other weapons, to be able to level the odds of the tribes instead of the Blackfeet having the upper hand.

Trappers Post and Priests

•I think it is interesting that with fur traders preparing shop in region just like Manuel Mack, Jim Bridger, Hudson Bay Company, and the North West Company, Montana had recently been explored, mapped,...


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