Anisimova, T. A., 2007, ‘The Effects of Business Brand Qualities on Attitudinal and Behavioural Consumer Loyalty', Journal of Consumer Advertising, Vol twenty-four, Iss several, pp 395 – 405

In this article Anisimova investigates the influence of corporate brand on attitudinal and behavioural consumer dedication. The author uses data attained through a set of questions distributed by using a participating car manufacturer to attempt to identify corporate brand qualities and consumer loyalty. All their research focuses on five hypotheses that related each corporate and business brand measurements to buyer loyalty. This article is useful to my subject, because it identifies linkages between attitude and behaviour may be increased through brand individuality. It also recognizes that key values and personality are important paths to consumer devotion. The main limit of the article is that the study focused on one particular industry just (car industry), where manufacturer loyalty is simpler to determine. Thus the author indicate that further more, more comprehensive, research needs to be undertaken to develop a more in-depth understanding of personalisation strategies in wider companies would be useful. This article will not form the basis of my study; however it will probably be useful ancillary information.

Kaltcheva, V. D. and Parasuraman, A. 2009, ‘Personality-Relatedness and Reciprocity Framework for Studying Retailer-Consumer Interactions', Journal of Business Research', Vol 62, Iss 6, pp 601 - 608

This article investigates four relational models for classifying retailer-consumer interactions to define the Personality-Relatedness and Reciprocity relational framework. This article investigates the application of this platform to identify target relational setting, analyse real relational positioning, formulate strategies to reach target and assess the effectiveness of these strategies. The content is useful to my matter, because it pinpoints the importance buyers place on retailer's personality plus the difference among...


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