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Goodwill Industrial sectors

1 . Describe three customer types mentioned in the video. What is each client type looking for when they shop at Goodwill? What is most critical to each consumer type? The video mentioned three or more specific clients for Goodwill Industries. The trend shoppers, the bargain hunters, and the shops. The Fashion Consumers are most likely the frequent customers of Goodwill boutiques. Goodwill boutiques provides high end products with affordable prices. These consumers are the actual Goodwill merchandisers are focusing on when it comes to advertising their trendier merchandise. These shoppers will be the early adopters of tendencies and they place more value about style rather than the savings alone. Bargain Sportsman are the more widespread clientele pertaining to Goodwill shops. These are the folks that navigate to the stores with all the mindset of having more because of their money. For this clientele, primary is on how much low cost they could easily get on an item in comparison to to take them from frequent stores. They might care about the trends too, but their emphasis is more on the psychological component of getting a deal (buying a thing that is many of these off intended for example) instead of getting a thing that is trendy. Resellers are likely the shrewdest of all 3. They are fundamentally a combination of both of the latter client types with an intent to sell afterwards. They are business people or ladies that recognizes trends and are generally looking for the best deal because of it. Resellers traditionally would get merchandise in deeply discounted prices and then offer them for a profit. They would end up being the most regular customers from the Goodwill stores where the items that were not offered on frequent stores are offered in bulk pertaining to much cheaper prices. Their only intent is usually to make a profit, and reselling Goodwill products is usually their ways to do it. 2 . What is Goodwill's value idea? Is it the same for all consumer groups? According to the video, Goodwill's value task is ‘used merchandise in deeply discounted prices'. (Pearson Education, 2013) No, I think that it varies from customer to customer. A way shopper's good deal would be unlike what a great buy hunter might consider a package. Also according to the video, sociable values define what we see as a music; that is why they will cater their particular stores to appeal to be able to demographics. three or more. How do the four pieces of factors impacting on consumer tendencies affect the buying behavior of Goodwill's customers? Which of the four units of factors influencing consumer habit do you believe most strongly affects customers' purchase decisions from Goodwill? The 4 factors that affects consumer behavior are Cultural, Sociable, Personal, and Psychological factors. Each factor has a hefty effect on healthy diet a buyers buying tendencies and so Goodwill makes their stores relevant by making sure to weigh inside the most prevalent factor, between these four, based on location. The social factor can make it important to fill stores with items that match the tradition of the community in which the retail store is located. The social component make sit important to take into consideration consumers' views of music stores. The individual factor makes it important to consider how concerned the target industry for a particular store is with time fashion trends, and the psychological element makes it vital that you consider how a buyer's belief of an item is from the item's cost. (Pearson Education, 2013) In my opinion, Cultural factors plays the biggest role in affecting the buyer behavior in terms of Goodwill shops. As had been discussed a week ago, marketing influences the society it is seen in and the other way round. If they are to sell products that will not fit the target demographics community, then the remaining portion of the factors becomes moot. After all, the consumers has to be in the store for any of some other factors to kick in, and being culturally appropriate would greatly aid in...


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