Rational Decision Theory

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 Essay about Rational Choice Theory

Rational Choice Theory: Assumptive Traditions and Criticisms with Alternative Resolutions

" Man is actually a rational animal who constantly loses his temper when he is called upon to act relative to the requires of reason. ” Because seen via Oscar Wilde's famous offer, rationality is one of the most crucial and controversial subjects in studying human behavior. To study and examine this rationality, quite a few scholars have got tried to establish their own ideas and generalize their description with empirical evidences by real world, which ultimately makes so called, the idea of rational choice. Rational Choice Theory is a technique for understand human behavior. The approach has long been the prominent paradigm in economics, however in recent several decades it has become more widely employed in other fileds such as Sociology, Political Research, and Anthropology. The main purpose of this paper is to provide an overview of realistic choice theory and quickly discuss the basic assumptions, critiques, politics implication, and alternative answers of person choice mechanism. First of all, traditional backgrounds of rational choice theory and its particular transition from your field of Economics to this of Political Science will be elaborated. Following, various meanings and connotations of the logical choice will be discussed. The fundamental assumptions of the rational choice approach with political implication will be used. Several concerns raised simply by rational choice theory will be followed after that discussion. This paper can suggest some of the main criticisms that have been accessed against the logical choice procedure. Limited scientific validity of rational decision theory and methodological individuality, which shows innate problematic nature with the theory, will probably be discussed. Finally, alternative answers of individual choice device will summarize this discussion.

Just before elaborating the theoretical dialogue, it is necessary to discuss historical backgrounds of rational choice theory. In the document, " A Genealogy of Rational Decision: Rationalism, Elitism, and Democracy”, Maloy presents Skinner's analysis of behaviorism as important background for the discussion of rational decision theory. He argues that, " Skinner's analysis deserves the attention in the recent debates around rational choice since it calls attention to the ineluctable ideological top features of methodological debate” (Maloy 751). According to Maloy, Skinner could " clarify the kinds of normative force which will attach to scientific theories in social sciences by a close textual analysis of a lot of leading advantages to the behaviorist debate”, which usually ultimately permits the discussion of rational choice to be furthered applied into different fields of study (Maloy 751). Milton Freidman is another important figure that gives profound theoretical base intended for discussing logical choice theory. In " The Strategy of Great Economics”, Friedman argues that people and organizations make decisions that can increase their earnings under ideal information. This individual defended realistic choice model by arguing that, " a theory should be evaluated by their predictive reliability, not the realism of its assumptions” (Friedman 10). His argument provides theoretical foundations of rational decision theory in Economics, although it is often criticized by after scholars due to its weak empirical validity and ceteris paribus nature. When rational choice theory has become dominant paradigm in Economics, it has become " adapted and adjusted in a number of ways to fit” different areas of research such as Political Science; Maloy explains that " the distinctiveness with the rational decision approach between political scientists consists, on the whole terms, in the use of monetary models to describe and anticipate political tendencies (Maloy 753). Maloy points out three dominant figures, Arrow, Downs, and Olson as rational choice founders particularly in the field of political research. According to Maloy, Arrow's work focuses on so...

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Logical Choice Theory
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