Throughout background, humanity's link with the natural world has been scrutinised, recognized, scorned and forgotten within a haphazard cycle that has been grouped as being human. This romance has been deemed a central theme during Ridley Scott's dystopian science fiction film ‘Blade Runner – Director's Cut' and Martha Shelley's typical romantic/gothic story ‘Frankenstein'. Though the relationship among humans and nature is merely somewhat investigated throughout the texts and is overshadowed by other connections, like the relationships among God and mankind, scientific research and mankind and human beings and non-humans. These interactions are discovered through both ‘Blade Runner' and ‘Frankenstein' through a selection of techniques employed by Scott and Shelley, despite the difference among their situations. Shelley's story ‘Frankenstein' is stuffed with Christian imagery that shows the importance from the relationship between God and mankind which in turn warns the reader against the perils of too much knowledge. It was because of Victor's aspire to learn ‘…the secrets of Heaven and Earth…' that he beat God's work law simply by creating your life, therefore disrupting the peaceful relationship between God and mankind. Inside the Christian Scriptures, the publication of Genesis says that God manufactured man ‘in his very own image' and was content with his work. Although Victor usurps the role because creator, contrary to God, he can immediately repulsed by his creation. Formerly, the monster sees him self as Adam, the initial creation of his ‘god' Victor Frankenstein. He as well sees Victor as his father, because God is usually Adam's dad in Christianity. Although, as time goes on, the Beast becomes certain that his situation is somewhat more like that of Satan: a cast-out angel, driven simply by envy of what this individual cannot possess, ‘Accursed founder! Why do you kind a list so hideous that even you switched from me personally in outrage? …. Satan had his companions, fellow-devils, to appreciate and encourage him; I am one and abhorred. ' Shelley's use of...


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