п»їGardening in the Tropics an anthology of poems by Olive Senior a woman writer of colour includes an rich Caribbean encounter in her poems. Elderly skillfully conveys through her poems different themes and concerns regarding the Caribbean such as European contact, issues faced and historical knowledge. In doing this mature utilizes several techniques just like allusions, intertexuality, and the utilization of literary metaphors to enhance and further establish designs such as shift, loss of personal, national and cultural id, and an answer to imperialiste and soberano oppression. However , senior craft of composing in her poems stands apart as a prevalent feature in the poems that includes a profound effect on the reader. It will take her expertise and her ability to publish in such a way about with every single word jason derulo the reader into the Caribbean world of historical experience and problems creating particular atmosphere in each of her poems that makes all of them exciting, pulling the reader within a sort of fictional trance that compels them to read. What makes the collection remarkable could be the use of themes or Senior's craft of writing. The poetry Meditation about Red, Hurricane warning 1928 and the Tree of Light are poetry that are aside of Garden in the Tropical forests are endure the uniqueness of aged people quality of writing and expressions of various themes. Deep breathing on red and all obvious 1928 older highlights designs such as the enduring, migration and trauma. Through these styles the writer's intents will be revealed. The theme of suffering expressed in both poems speaks for the suffering that girls undergo resulting from migration and the traumatic activities as a result of dislocation from the Caribbean in the case of Jean Rhys who acts as a forerunner for additional Caribbean copy writers. The enduring that of girls in limited places in the society, problems with migration, difficulty with new environment are themes explored in both poetry. by A. S. HCHS. JA


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