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The Encyclopedia of Operations Managing Terms

5S concept – See the five S principle. *ABC classification – A way for putting first items depending on the product of the years demand as well as the unit price. The substantial " annual dollar volume” items are classified as " A” item. The low annual dollar quantity items are labeled as " C” products. Based on Pareto's Law, the ABC classification system pushes us to manage " A” items even more carefully. Because of this these item should be bought more often, measured more often, located closer to the doorway, and be expected more properly. Conversely, " C” items are not very essential from a great investment point of view, and thus should be bought rarely rather than counted generally. Some organizations use additional methods for determining the ABC classification -- such as the stockout cost or perhaps the medical criticality of the item. This has not do with Activity Based Costing. Observe Pareto's Legislation. Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) – When ever deciding whether or not to accept a batch, a sample of n parts is usually taken from the batch and an decision is made to agree to the group if the quantity or percent of disorders is better than the AQL. See acceptance sampling. *acceptance sampling – Acknowledgement sampling plans are used to produce accept/reject decisions for each great deal. With credit sampling plans, these decisions are based on a count of the number of flaws and defectives; with adjustable sampling plans these decisions are based on measurements. Plans demanding only an individual sample set are known as single testing plans; double and multiple sampling strategies may require additional samples models. For example , a great attribute solitary sampling program with a test size n=50 and a great accept quantity a=1 needs that a sample of 50 units be inspected. If the quantity of defectives in that sample is definitely one or absolutely no, the great deal is approved. Otherwise it is rejected. Ideally, when a...

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