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University or college College Cork

Kennedy, Timber, Forrest: Development of an surroundings

intake and exhaust system for a race car.



Mister. Damien Kennedy

Dublin Company of Technology

Dr . Gerry Woods

Dublin Institute of Technology

Mr. Darragh Forrest

Dublin Start of Technology


This kind of paper handles the design, examines and screening of a fresh air consumption system for the single couch race car designed and manufactured by a team of DIT pupils for the 2011 method student competition in Silverstone. It also works with the design, CFD analyses and noise emission testing of your new exhaust for the vehicle which is driven by a 600cc Suzuki GXR engine. The newest air absorption system originated to satisfy the rules of the formula student competition which needed a 20mm restriction to get placed on the environment intake system. It was a requirement that every engine airflow passed through this restrictor. Setup of the air flow restriction as well meant that a fresh engine map was required for effective procedure of engine. This daily news looks at a variety of alternative air flow intake designs and analyzes the air stream simulations employing CFD examines. The use of fast prototyping methods to produce a physical model can be discussed. The structure and manufacture of a fresh throttle person is also provided. The process to get engine remapping and dyno test results are also shown. The competition also required an exhaust system with noise exhausts below 110db. This conventional paper presents the design and studies of alternative wear out paths and noise emission testing.


The basic function of your air absorption system is to provide the accelerator bodies with air exactly where it is then mixed with the fuel and sent to the combustion step. The construction of the intake program has a significant influence on how the engine performs at various RPM's. With reference to Fig 1 an air absorption system compiles of four key parts: Filtration system which is normally a conventional paper element, of conical condition that filters the air coming from dust and dirt contaminants before this reaches the engine.

Filtering to Plenum Runner his is the tube/pipe that requires the air from the filter to the plenum. The Plenum is definitely the chamber or reservoir of air that supplies the engine. The Consumption Runners which are the tubes that feed the air from the plenum to the accelerator bodies. Lengthy runners offer good first class speed although shorter athletes give very good low end torque. Most overall performance cars will need a certain RPM range in which they will desire most of all their power. This is known as the ‘Peak Torque Location'. The range with the peak torque location is dependent on what type of paths the car can be driving upon. Winding monitors with short straights requires an engine tuned for weak torque to power from the corners and still have a low peak torque location. Wide and open monitors with long straights will require an engine tuned forever top end speed and will consequently have a greater peak rpm location. The peak torque position is depicted by three main highlights of the air absorption system plenum volume, runner length, jogger area.

Kennedy, Woods, Forrest: Development of a great air

absorption and exhaust system for a contest car

31st August – 1st


University School Cork


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Fig one particular Intake System [5]

In the case of the solution student guidelines a restriction of 20mm was placed on the key intake. The task therefore was going to optimise the style of the absorption system and remap the fuel treatment system to optimise the engine performance for the expected racing conditions. 2 . DESIGN COMPUTATIONS

The Solution Student Silverstone track is usually geared toward the reduced end strong and perky race car as can become depicted from your track information. With average speeds in the endurance competition between forty-eight km/hr to 57 km/h and best speeds of approximately 105 km/hr the...

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