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A Doll's House: Plot Summary


Written in 1879 by Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen, A Doll's House can be described as three action play with regards to a seemingly typical housewife whom becomes disillusioned and dissatisfied with her condescending husband. Act 1:

Set about Christmas time, Nora Helmer enters her residence, truly savoring life. A well used widow friend from her past, Mrs. Linde, halts by looking for a job. Nora's husband Torvald recently received a promotion, thus she enjoyably finds employment for Mrs. Linde. When her friend complains how much difficulty the years had been, Nora responds that her life has been filled with difficulties too. Nora discreetly explains that in the past, when Torvald Helmer was very sick, she falsified her dead father's signature in order to illegitimately obtain a loan. Since then, this lady has been paying back the loan in secret. This wounderful woman has never informed her husband because she understands it would upset him. Regrettably, a nasty bank employee named Nils Krogstad may be the man who also collects the debt payments. Understanding that Torvald is definitely soon to be promoted, this individual tries applying his knowledge of her forgery to blackmail Nora. He wants to guarantee his location at the financial institution; otherwise he will probably reveal the fact to Torvald and perhaps even the police. This kind of turn of events greatly problems Nora. Yet , she retains the truth concealed from her husband, as well as Dr . Rank, a kind yet sickly aged friend with the Helmers. The lady tries to distract herself by playing with her three kids. However , by the ending of Act One she begins to feel caught and desperate. Act Two:

Throughout the second act, Nora tries to concoct ways to stop Krogstad by revealing the truth. She has tried to coerce her husband, requesting him to let Krogstad retain his work. However , Helmer believes the man possesses lawbreaker tendencies. Consequently , he is bent on removing Krogstad coming from his content. Nora endeavors asking Dr . Rank pertaining to help, nevertheless she is delay when Dr . Rank turns into too flirtatious with her and promises that this individual cares for her just...

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purple hibbiscus
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