Rimsha Bazaid 11/28/12

Homeroom # 426 English Honors I

Special Prince Escalus,

You are definitely the Prince of Verona; you are the peacemaker of the feuding families. Romeo, the son and heir of Montague and Lady Montague, a young gentleman of about 14, Romeo is usually handsome, clever, and delicate. Romeo continues to be banished intended for killing Tybalt, which I avoid agree with. I really believe that should you banish Romeo, it will harm the city of Verona in ways you don't understand. It is not fair to Romeo because he failed to do anything wrong, and Romeo has just committed Juliet, a Capulet—which may mean the conclusion of the friends and family feuds. Through this letter My spouse and i intend to provide evidence that Romeo is innocent and he ought not to be banished.

You are the master of city of Verona, where the information is spreading of Romeo's banishment. The people of Verona are stunned and puzzled. They don't understand why Romeo is being banished for protecting the fatality of his friend. Plus the other half in the town is usually confused since they think Romeo should be banned for the deaths of both Tybalt and Mercutio. However , Romeo did not destroy Mercutio. Prince Escalus, your selection for banishing Romeo is not suitable for the city of Verona because it would simply generate more conflict.

You can't banish Romeo because it is certainly not fair to him; Romeo was only defending his friend Mercutio. Tybalt in fact started this kind of conflict when he attacked Mercutio and then wound up killing Mercutio. Tybalt desired to fight Romeo and he would have wiped out him but Romeo offers great friends like Mercutio who will be loyal. Following Mercutio misplaced his your life by guarding Romeo, Romeo decided that he is never going to let Tybalt get away with murder of the innocent person. So it will not seem fair to banish Romeo, and he performed you a favor simply by killing Tybalt, because after you would had to done a similar thing.

Romeo has fallen deeply in love with Juliet, your children of rival families, against both of...


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