The Case Analysis for Clean Edge Razor blade: Splitting Hairs in Merchandise Positioning

Promoting Management


Jihang Yang (Elvis)

September 27, 2012

Executive Brief summary

Paramount's newest nondisposable razor, Clean Edge, which from Extremely important Health and Beauty Company injected a drop of new blood for the business. They feel too encouraging for the new product, because it gives the user a very great and all new feeling. And also it will probably be a competitive product in the razor advertising. It is very important to produce a correct and suitable item positioning intended for the Clean Edge and make it to be successful in the market. All of us will go over from two aspects, one is the U. S. razor market and another is definitely from the product itself. The paper through a series of economical analysis, including the background the razor industry, razor marketplace segments, customer behavior, competition between producers, the feature of Clean Border Razor and so on, to got a placing recommendation, brand and price range recommendation to help product administrator of firm, Randall, find the appropriate answer. Your body paper can round several special questions to analyze precisely what is the right way pertaining to put the Clean Edge Razor blade in the market. A few economic analysis and individual opinion is going to comprise the entire analysis. At some point, we is going to got a conclusion and do some special recommendations.

Issue 1: a. What changes are happening in the nondisposable razor category? There are two major changes are developing in the nondisposable razor category. Firstly, the nondisposable shavers experienced more expansion, approximately 5% form 2007 to 2010, and most with the growth because of the innovations and new product opening paragraphs. The customer much more want to trying new items than before. Subsequently, industry experts divided the nondisposable razor industry into 3 segments depending on price and quality, super-Premium, moderate, and value. The first change of nondisposable razor category was in the segment of...


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