Leadership and the thought of fatality

The process of choosing a certain kind of leader can get influenced by thought of loss of life, or fatality salience, a product of Dread Management Theory. The difference in choice when people are influenced by death salience is usually substantial. Exactly where only 4% of the ballots would go to a charismatic candidate in a typical situation and 45% to a relationship-oriented one particular, with the a result of death salience this becomes 33% and a reduce to 22%. A task-oriented candidate constantly gets comparable amount of votes. With his radical claims, self-confidence and group sense the charismatic candidate distresses people and provides them an organization feeling and meaning in their life. The revolutionary statements could also work as a vicious group of friends in straining people and distressing all of them again with radical alternatives. Men tend to be stereotyped together with the characteristics of a charismatic applicant, whereas girls are more typified with those of a relationship-oriented person. With other words, when ever mortality salience applied, guys get more typically chosen as a leader. Two effects impact this decision with the a result of mortality salience: the belief bias impact, and the in-group bias impact. The in-group bias impact means that members would prefer commanders of their own sexual when their particular stereotyped characteristics are not particular. The stereotype bias impact does the same but with the stereotyped attributes. First the two would choose men, nevertheless after manipulation women start choosing on the basis of you will and not the sex. The perfect solution is to these manipulations is quite straightforward; one would just have to tell the people to think rational and the result decreases substantially.


Cohen, Farreneheit., Solomon, T., Maxfield, Meters., Pyszczynski, T., & Greenberg, J. (2004). Fatal Appeal: The Effects of Mortality Salience upon Evaluations of Charismatic, Task-Oriented, and Relationship-Oriented Leaders....


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