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-- Given the latest pressures from competitors and substitutes, what should Manufacturers do?   (last Student IDENTITY digits sama dengan 0 – 3)

At present, electronic video game industry has three dimensions: traditional gaming console sector, PC and online game sector, and fresh emerged smartphone game sector. Historically, Nintendo was the head in traditional video game console sector with highest revenue margin than its competitive peers, Sony and Microsoft company. As the technology producing, however , the complete electronic game industry is at a level. The difference between three areas will become vaguer and vaguer. As Sony and Microsoft caught up the profit margin and smartphone sector emerged, Manufacturers is for the cliff of revolution.

Given the latest pressures by competitors and substitutes, Manufacturers should revolute follow:

* Safeguard current consumer bottom by keeping on positioning wider age range gamer (i. at the. from adolescent to senor generation). 5. Overcome the graphic hurdle by building up alliance with graphic processor chip makers, including NVidia. * Enhance the leadership in video game sector by keeping upon investing in action sensor video game technology. In addition , touch screen might be a good match. Next generation game will have increasingly more motion sensor elements, Manufacturers must stand on the advantage of this trend. * Build game download platform site for game programmer and persuade them to sell goods on the website (i. e. mimic smartphone game sector just to save cost intended for both Nintendo games suppliers and customers). * Alter its customers shopping habit and provide game trails on the game download platform internet site. * Occupy online game sector by persuading game programmer sell their game updates or harmonizes with on the Nintendo game system website (i. e. simulate online game sector strategy to capture higher revenue margin by updates). 2. Keep on helping its regal and dependable game programmers/suppliers by showing game and...


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