п»їWastage of Money in Politics

" It's interesting; I how to start whether I'll win or not. I do think I i am. I do know Now i'm ready for the position. And, in the event not, gowns just the approach it will go. ” The above mentioned line has been said by Director George Bush in framework to the elections in United states, but it is definitely relevantly the case in India. A month later on India is going to organize the largest selection mela plus the entire world will probably witness it. It will be the world's priciest election ever before happened, even greater then America's Presidential polls. Over 75 million arreters will solid their valuable vote to decide on their rep. More than one thousand political celebrations are taking part in this jumbo fair of democracy. To choose 543 members of the Elektrotriebfahrzeug Sabha, it is estimated that the politics parties is going to spend ten thousand crores of rupees. This volume is far ahead of any other elections placed at any part of the globe. Approximately rupees two thousand crores will go in giving money to arreters and investing in their alcohol parties to be able to allure them to cast their particular precious ballots for a particular get together. The various other eight thousand crore rupees will go in ticket shopping for, advertisements, advertising, booth taking, party money, buying weapons, travelling, and other accessories. However, what is strange of the subject lies in the fact that the Political election Commission funds only ten lac rupees to a applicant to marketing campaign for his election. The era of elections has changed post self-reliance. Now the mode of transport is not a more the ‘Paidal Yatras' but choppers have taken over the top of it. Now the leaders prefer to move in micro helicopters for their advertisments. The method of advertising have also changed in this electric age, right now they have their own websites and blogs over internet, speeches are broadcasted through CDs, DVDs and advertisements and jingles happen to be shown above satellite television channels. A big sum can be spent over them. The next big issue is forming a coalition govt and creating...


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