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Project #2

1 ) ) Make clear the different qualities of the human person. 5. Family-oriented -- the anak-magulang relationship is of primary importance to us Filipinos. Se?ora, ina, and anak happen to be culturally and emotionally significant to us Filipinos who have cherish each of our filial connection not only to our immediate family members, but likewise to our prolonged family. This family-centeredness gives a basic perception of belonging, stability and security. 5. Meal-oriented (salu-salo, kainan) -- because Filipinos consider just about everyone as part of their particular family (parang pamilya), we are known for staying gracious website hosts and pleased guests. Serving our guests with the ideal we have can be an inborn value to Filipinos, wealthy and poor alike. We like to celebrate any and all events using a special food.

2. Kundiman-oriented -- the kundiman is a sad Filipino track about injured love. Filipinos are the natural way attracted to heroes sacrificing anything for love. We are patient and flexible to a wrong doing (" magpapaka-alipin ako nang dahil sa iyo”). This acceptance of suffering manifests a deep, positive psychic value. * Bayani-oriented - we Filipinos are organic hero-followers. For all those our tolerance and threshold, we will not agree to ultimate inability and wipe out. We usually tend instinctively to always personalize any good trigger in terms of an innovator, especially when it is object is to defend the weak and the oppressed. To safeguard this natural sense of human pride.

* Spirit-oriented - we have a deep-seated belief in the great and in all sorts of spirits dwelling in specific persons, places and things. Even today of science and technology, Filipinos carry on and invoke the spirits in a variety of undertakings, especially in faith-healings and exorcisms.

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5. Means living out the Beliefs. It is a " living out” grounded in Christ's Fact, received in the Church and professed in the Creed. This can be a " living...


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